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The last version of hasewend.at


This is the fourth website of Hasewend’s Kirchenwirt. The first one was made in 2004, then 2005, the third one 2011 which was replaced now in early 2016. Again, this is a big step forward.
We are not so strict anymore on using square pictures only but adopted the panorama image size from the last websites start page as a standard image format and also added full page pictures with the option of quotes on top.

The website is a whole new experience and brings visitors much closer to what we want to present. We are finally able to present our many beautiful pictures in a very impressive way. Take a look!

Since we sold our company to Domaines Kilger in 2017, the original website has been changed a lot and will soon disappear completely. Therefore the following link does not feature the current but the original website as it was the moment we sold the company and was fully functional in the design we intended.

www.hasewend.at (Original version)
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