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Hasewend Videos
Trailer for Hasewend’s Lichtspielhaus

Hasewend Videos

My parents cinema was reinstalled as a digital cinema in 2011. With the new technology we are able to play our own content. Thats when I started to work with video material again. Perfect timing because our cinema turns 101 years in 2014 – we made a huge festival schedule for the entire year with concerts, special guests, movie brunches, visitor votings and more.
To celebrate that jubilee I made two trailers. The first is in black and white, featuring melancholic clips taken out of life, composing them to an artificial piece of perception and music. The second one is a trailer for the cinema concerts I have been working out with Universal Music. In 2014 we will screened 11 concerts of international stars: Sting, Stevie Wonder, Mando Diao, Amy Winehouse, Anne-Shopie Mutter, Elton John, Bette Midler, Anna Netrebko, A-ha, B.B. King and Keane – never seen on screen of a cinema to a public audience!
We continued the concert brunch for four consecutive years until we sold the company in 2017. I made a new trailer for every season and one was more intriguing than the other!

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